Technology Was Here When Life Began

Technology and people.  That’s what this blog will be about.  Tell me..what do you think when you think technology?

It’s simple….Technology defined is anything is” the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry” (Wikipedia)

It’s true…so we are talking just the application of the knowledge right?  Practical purposes?

So technology is EVERYWHERE!  It doesn’t even have to be a “something” it could just be the way we talk or how we try to sell something to someone.

Hypnosis is a technology!

My super comfy leather oversized chair is a great piece of technology.

Technology is great!  It makes me money!

But wait…is it always great?   It can cost people money too…and life…and love.

There is a cost to technology.

What is it?

The loss of our touch with the World.  Are we tuned in or tuned out?

Is being tuned into technology of the present time as good as being tuned into nature and the physical world that surrounds us and can easily outdo us?

Where do we falter when using technology?

How’s this for irony?

We use digital technology to learn about trees, grass, Biological things (cancer..etc) but we rarely take the time to get close and see in real life the very things we read of.

When’s the last time you actually touched the bark of a tree?  Why does it even matter?

What if the world were to change tomorrow…and you were no longer allowed to feel “touch” sensations?

I bet you that you would regret those times you choose to stay inside and read about trees on computers rather than go experience them with our own natural technology called “The Five Senses”.

If you find yourself aloof of the world without all the gadgetry and schemes to change your mind about weight loss or how to quit bad habits…perhaps it’s time to put the technology to the wayside and get in tune with the living cells that do nothing but live to multiply and survive on this planet.

WE are a part of this place. We are made of cells and the atoms that make us up…are the same ones in the Rocks and Soil we tread upon.


It is absurd that we choose to live in a world where we continue to push technology to higher and higher feats and it is horrid to watch as we slowly let the most amazing technology….LIFE….go by the wayside.

Instead of weeding a garden by hand and understanding the weed and how it lives, we use technology to poison and kill life out of it….and thereby, often times, poisons our own homes, yards and cells at the same time.

The most AMAZING technology is already here.  It’s life.  It’s me, It’s you.  It’s the autotrophs and heterotrophs that surround us.

Why do we strive to beat that?  This….is a good question.

Life With Technology

Boy I’ll tell you, everyday I hear this this and that about this generation. Whether it be lack of confidence, fear, or communication its a problem and it’s not going away. I’m not here to trash everything about it though, its just the cold hard truth. It has both its pros and cons like anything else in this world.
So I’m here today to try to settle the score between both sides. Due to the fact that about 95% of people use mobile devices everyday, every hour, whenever they can so I think you see which side runs supreme. Not so fast, everyone is entitled to their opinions right? The same people that complain that people use Facebook and Twitter all the time are the same people that are sitting quietly in the cafeteria table with their friends on Snapchat or Skype.
It’s ridiculous when you think about it. My dad hates being on the phone he’s one of those outgoing guys. He’s only on the phone when his limo company from palpark tells him hes got to take care of a few clients today. Driving in limousines is like his escape for him, driving in general. It’s way better then being on your phone all day, he always tells me that.
The thing is technology is an escape for other people in the world too. What if you don’t have friends, or you’re too shy to step out of your shell? No matter what don’t let anyone force you into something you do or do not want to do because you are in control of your life and you should stick to whatever makes you happy.

Ever hear the saying, blonds have more fun? Well I’m here to tell you that its people who are active that have the most fun! Its people that seize the opportunities given to them each and every day. What do those people need? They need the ability to pick up and take their fun wherever they are. 
That is why you need mobile fun! Have fun right at your fingertips. You can download or broadcast whatever type of fun you want. You can, at a moments notice, bring the fun to any situation. People that like to have fun are always the life of the party. Now with mobile fun you can bring the fun anywhere!
Forget alcohol you dont need it to have fun! Music? Not necessary. With mobile fun you make your own music! Dont like music, you prefer to read, well mobile fun allows you to have all your favorite books on hand. Its just amazing what mobile fun lets you do. 
Remember how I said its not always true that blonds have more fun?  Well im a brunette and with mobile fun im more fun than any blond. Fun fun fun in the la la, thats me singing with my mobile fun! That’s how fun you can become. Want to join me? Then use mobile fun and you’ll see you’ll be better than any blonde. You’ll be doing cartwheels and singing instead of just talking.
I’ve spent my youth in palpark without any phones, computers, or anything. Keep your head up and stay stressed free because one thing is for sure, we all only have one life so make the most out out of it.
Its good to have fun. They say a smile a day will keep the wrinkles away. The more you have, the more you are able to laugh, the less frowns you make and the less wrinkles and frownlines you’ll get. I’m telling you fun, especially mobile fun, is the best thing for you. It will change your life and make you forget all your worries.